Is your personal journey right now what you thought it would be? What we learn along the way is that things can change in an instant.  As we stay focused in this very moment, we can flow with those changes and marvel at the sacredness of each experience, no matter where we are taken.

Even though I knew there would come a time when my mother would leave this world, it wasn’t in my current plan.  She has always been so healthy, yet starting in December of last year, she had one health challenge after another.  She has now passed.  I am in transition, just as she is.

My plan was to be leading the Level II Basic Color Course starting in September as well as the next group being trained as Complementary Color Therapists.  That changed.

My focus needed to be with my mother. I was her primary caregiver with help from my brothers and sister-in-law.  At first I considered juggling her care with planning and teaching courses but that meant dividing my attention.

I soon shifted gears.  Color Therapy would need to wait.  This precious experience with my mother was now, not later.

Oh how much I have learned!  My mother has been my teacher in life and now she has been my teacher in what we call death.  She surrendered to a way of life that was so different for her.

Through her life, she was a doer.  She could get more things done in a short time than anyone I know.  She loved checking things off her list.

At first, whoever was her caregiver at the time was given the list. But as Mom’s affairs settled into place, she allowed herself to be present with each person who came to say goodbye–family, friends, staff at the retirement home.  I could see how each one was blessed by the love that poured through her.  She surrendered to “being” instead of “doing.”

Each of us is being shown how we can “be” in the moment so that “doing” flows from whatever is the next indicated thing.  What a different way to live!  I have been practicing that for some time. Allowing myself to be fully present in Mom’s last days was a profound opportunity to fully feel what that is like.

Now that she has passed, I am living in life’s flow (most of the time). This has led to some schedule changes.  Level II Basic Course will be starting October 9, 2012.  The next Level I Certification and Training Course is now scheduled for January 2013.

I trust that these changes will actually fit better for those who were prepared to take the courses.  That is the way things come about when we surrender to the moment.  What seemed out of order or we thought needed to be a certain way shifts.  And to our surprise the changes fit better than the original design!  Our Higher Power is running the show when we are in the flow.

Let’s stay in the flow together.  Amazing possibilities arise when we are in the moment waiting for an indication of what is next!