Living New Patterns


Stillness Midst Change

For me, 2014 is about living New Patterns.

What I am about to share could fill a whole book so this is going to be just an outline of a process.

All of what we have been learning and applying in day-to-day life is the process.  You may be unaware of your process, but believe me we all have been in a process.  Even being stuck is part of the process.  Every experience is part of the process.  So, just stay with me for a few moments.  Perhaps this will make more sense shortly.

We are all too familiar with the old patterns though sometimes their appearance surprises us.  You will know them because they no longer resonate with who you know yourself to be.  You might experience them as judgment, anger, disappointment, frustration, distrust, and more.  All of these can also be directed towards yourself as well as others.

One of mine is “doing” that is motivated by an inner task master (It can also show up as someone becoming the task master).  My intention is to live in the divine flow, doing only that which is motivated by that flow.

The other day I was journaling with my inner knowing.  I asked this question, “How do I know when the doing is in divine flow?”

The answer came.

Feel the flow.

Feel the energy of the doing.

Is the doing in resonance with the flow?

Then, a new tool came through.  It is a step-by-step process (my linear mind loves this).

  1. Align yourself.
  2. Feel the flow.
  3. Be with each task to see if it matches the flow.
  4. Do the tasks that match mindfully and gratefully.
  5. Bless a task well done.

Seems easy enough.  For me, the challenge is to stop before I begin the task so that I remember to do the process!  That is why my 2014 intention is to be in mindfulness at all times.  I have been starting each day with a Prayer Circle  offered online which helps align me.  I can then begin my day in mindfulness.

As I was thinking about this “tool,” I asked, “So how does a person do this who is working for someone else?”

Here is the answer that came through, “ Stay in your own rhythm trusting that flow moves energy efficiently.  Practice presence as flow.  Practice non-judgment of another’s rhythm no matter how dissonant.  Remember that flow is your divine nature; the rest is fear based.  You see the contrast, appreciate it, and then choose your own personal rhythm.”

I share this with you because I believe recognizing our own rhythm and staying in that flow is a huge part of 2014.  Have you noticed this coming up for you?

Old patterns can keep us in confusion so that we don’t recognize our personal rhythm. The purpose of the Level 1 Color Course is to help you identify and dissolve the energy of those old patterns.

I am offering a series of four conference calls starting next Thursday, January 9th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern that go along with the Level 1 Color Course.  If you have taken this course, but would like to review it with me, let me know and I will include you in the conferencing information.

If you are ready to take the Complementary Color Therapy Training and Certification, it will follow in the same time slot starting in February.  The Level 1 Course is a pre-requisite for the training.  You will find options for paying for the training along with the Level 1 Course, or if you have taken that before there are options for paying for just the training.

Let’s make 2014 the year of dissolving the old patterns and installing new patterns that fit our personal vibrational flow!  Leslie Romine (trainer) and I are here to be of assistance.

Many Blessings for a Vibrant Year!

Arlene Arnold