A Prism for Change through Reflection & Transformational Art

The Luminaries (high vibrational oracles of transformation) bring meaning out of chaos which can lead to inner peace.

So much seems to be breaking down in our world. How do we keep from being overwhelmed? The Luminaries guide us into places of vision. We see the world from a new viewpoint. We are encouraged to shift our mode of operating in the world as we evolve to the next spiral of living as enlightened humans.

This mandala card deck is on the leading edge of this Universal Shift! Discover the Crystalline Energies that you are working with in this moment. Allow the Mandalas and the inspired writing to take you into the depths of their layers of sacred geometry, color and deep meaning.

Twelve of the cards help you shift what is no longer value-added in your world. You move into a New World of vision and understanding. The other twelve cards show you how to Be in this New World. For example, in the old world, we did loving acts. In the new world, WE ARE LOVE.


Creators of the Luminaries

Arlene Arnold (author and producer of this deck) and Lahrinda Eileen (mandala artist) spent nine months living and breathing these vibrations while the art and interpretations came to them and through them. You can imagine what a transformative experience that was! You too can be healed and transformed by this conscious energy. The time is now to lighten the load and allow your vibration to soar as more and more universal love comes to you and through you.

Listen to Arlene talk about the Luminaries in an interview with Paula Vail 

Product Information

  • 24 Round Mandala Art Cards, plus a book of inspired interpretation for each design.
  • Each card has its own unique energy. As you look at the art and work with the meaning of the card, you transform.

What others have to say about the Luminaries

“The other night a friend and I were discussing her health concerns and attempting to get some answers to some of her questions…I pulled the Luminaries out and had her select a card…it was right on as to what we had been talking about with her health. Then she pulled another and again an answer came. We just sat there looking at each other in astonishment. She went home wanting a deck for herself. Thanks so much for these wonderful tools.” 



Marian Russell