Maintain Your Daily Energy Level

That’s the topic I’m exploring on our radio show today. So wouldn’t you know it, I woke up this morning with a headache and my energy thermometer marking a low ebb.

My default mode is to try to figure out why my energy is so low, why the base of my skull is tight, and my upper back is carrying something other than my own energy.  Figuring out why is only helpful if it shows me how I allow this lower vibration.  This is not who I am, yet it is what my body is experiencing in this moment so, for me, acceptance and compassion for my humanness is paramount.

I ask myself, “If there were a color that could dissolve the energy clinging to my back, what color would it be?”  The first color that comes is Red.  Immediately the energy on my back clears.

I continue to apply several other techniques using color on the base of my neck.  As one place clears, another location pulls me to it.  As each part of my body shifts its vibration, my energy level moves up a notch.  I now feel more alert.  Little by little my joy in my work returns.

This process reminds me that we have readily available “tools” that can transform energy.  Where we focus our attention while reminding ourselves to use the tools makes all the difference.

Join me today on the radio show.  Let me know what “tools” of transformation you use.  How do you use color to maintain your natural energy level?

The show airs on Wednesdays at 3:30 Pacific/6:30 Eastern.  If you miss it, the recorded shows are all there!  Here’s the link:


Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy