Meditation Tools Made Simple
Techniques to Awaken the Spirit within

This is a set that includes a spiral bound book and 4 downloadable meditations


I had wanted to meditate for a long time, but could never sit still long enough.  My mind would wander and my body would fidget.

Have you had that experience?

When I discovered guided meditation, I felt like I had come home. This way of meditating keeps my mind focused and allows my inner spirit to feel-into the experience.

Meditation Tools Made Simple is a distillation of some important techniques I learned during my training to be a Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator.

I use many of the techniques still today and I have incorporated these and others into my courses.

May this book and meditations bless you on your journey.
Arlene Arnold

  • 1

    Meditation Basics: Relaxation through Breathing

    Quieting the mind chatter
    Using Intention
    Creating Affirmations
    Meditation: Relax and Flow

  • 2

    More Meditation Basics: Connecting to the Earth and the Heavens

    Dialogue Journaling
    Meditation: Peace and Unconditional Love

  • 3

    Discovering the Divine Self: the One Who Speaks As the Inner Voice of Wisdom

    Meditation : Meeting Your Divine Self

  • 4

    Shifting the Protector: The One Who Clings to a Belief System as if it were a Matter of Life or Death

    Meditation: Wholeness

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Donna in Federal Way, WA said, "Learning to use these methods has allowed me to grow spiritually from a loving, centered, and balanced perspective. I am so grateful. My life has been profoundly changed."