Empower and Embrace your Inner Masculine & Feminine

Balance your doing and your receiving

Do you sometimes feel  . . .

off kilter
burned out
incomplete without a partner
too serious, or unfocused?

This may come from unbalanced masculine and feminine energy !
In 6 short weeks you can feel refreshed, new, and ready for what comes next!

Module #1 Learning more about you

What beliefs have you acquired that affect how you feel about masculine and feminine energies?

Module 2: Getting Unstuck

Ways to release the beliefs that keep you stuck and limit your options in life

Module #3 Understanding the Body Connection

Your body can help you understand where that energy is stuck. You learn to talk to your body so that together you make progress toward the real you.

Module #4 Clearing Overlays

Overlays cover up the real you. Now that you recognize them, release them!

Module #5 Releasing Tethers

Situations, people, and past lives can tether you to them. It operates a bit like PTSD. Dissolving them with color leaves you free to create something new.

Module #6 Empowered Self

You can now live as your empowered self with new energy for what you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what you will work with during this course.

  • Learn through watching videos
  • Read the manual for information about masculine and feminine energy
  • Use the questions and exercises to move and dissolve old energy
  • Move through the course at your own pace. Support is always available
  • Take the course on your own or join a group taking the course together

This kind of in-depth course often costs $300 or more.  We are offering the 6 weeks of life-changing information and experiences self-guided and you choose what to pay.

Thank you for this very helpful and beneficial class.  It was amazing

I am learning how important it is to bring balance to these roles within myself.  I have experienced both sides individually, and now I am finding more balance within myself and understanding how all this “education through life experiences” has helped me pull it together so I can be more balanced.

Cindy Haas
Cindy Haas