I call this my uncharacteristic rant because it takes a lot for me to have a temper tantrum. I’m more the “What’s highest and best in this situation, what’s the longer view, or what’s the solution?” type of person.

But rant I will because right now that’s what’s authentic for me. If you are there also, let’s have a temper tantrum for about ten minutes.

I’m not going to enumerate all of what I see that feels like the opposite of democracy, compassion, treating people with respect, giving others a hand up, honoring nature, etc. I’m sure you have your own list.

I know that the corruption we are seeing across the board is necessary in order to become fully aware of what has been going on for a very long time. It reminds me of a spiritual principle I have known for some time: Often, “we must dis-create before we can create something new”. I get that!

But, I’m like the child on an extended trip who keeps saying, “Are we there yet?”

My rant serves to let go of the angst that can cause me to give up or to settle into an underlying depression. That’s not acceptable!

I’m ready to use that intense energy to help evolve humanity, not to stand still.

We are in the midst of radical change. We are moving from a 3D viewpoint to a 5D viewpoint.

What does that mean? We’re moving from separation to wholeness.

  • From an ego need to be right / to “What’s best for everyone?”
  • From accomplishments dependent on money and power / to offering our abilities and gifts in a spirit of love.
  • From “What’s in it for me?” / to “What’s my contribution?”

We still have human considerations such as daily needs for ourselves and our family, but they are included in “What’s next?”. When our intention and our energy is pointed toward our authentic desire to evolve, next steps become clear.

Here’s a way we can join together every day to know and then act on our next steps.

  1. Get clear and neutral about what we don’t want. Then, send heartfelt compassion to the situation.
  2. Get really clear and neutral about what we do want. (This is a form of intention.)
  3. See it already happening. Then, send love to all the people, things, nature, and beings involved in it.
  4. Make a practice of sending love all day long.
  5. Be ready to carry that love into action wherever you are called to do so.

Every time we see corruption, greed, abuse, or anything that tries to take away others’ right to choose, take time to send love. Some people feel love as a whole body and soul experience and can send out that feeling.  I like to “see” something more tangible, so I send colors or light or hugs or something that feels indicated by the situation.

Now, ask “Is my deeper knowing calling me into action around this situation?” Unless immediate action is called for, take time to feel into what is called for.

Stay aligned with that knowing (not always easy to do). Recalibrate if necessary (Talk to a friend, meditate, write in your journal.)

You may have been questioning the “stay neutral part.” Operating from neutral is a very deep form of love, even though we may be programmed to believe that neutral means we don’t care. When we are feeling neutral, we see the bigger picture. We, then, can intuitively feel what is true, what is really going on. Only then, can we know what action we are called to.

What I am suggesting is a tall order! But, if you need to, start with a personal tantrum. Let that excess energy of “Are you kidding me????” bleed off. That allows you to move into neutral where answers are more accessible.

Let’s create the world we truly desire. Let’s take time to see it in our mind’s eye, fill it with love, and then allow it to come into form.

May it be so!

Arlene Arnold