Horse in the fog

I am hunkered down over the horse holding it around the neck easily. We are one as we fly through the fog.
I look ahead, there is a path, but very shortly the path is lost in the fog.
No worries! The horse seems to know the way. There is no hesitation; no fear.
Suddenly, I am engulfed by the fog. I can’t find the horse. I don’t see the path.
As I stand there confused, I realize I have fallen off the horse.
But how do I find it?  How do I get back on the horse?

 At first this vision made no sense, but as I stayed with it, I got it.

When we are in sync with ourselves; when we are balanced and centered, our soul and body are one. They fly through the fog with certainty. Then, something triggers an old pattern that throws us off the horse. At first, we don’t know we fell. We may muddle around in the fog, trying to find something that makes sense.

Eventually, we remember our “tools” to shift the pattern that caused our fall. Then, we can get back on the horse.

It occurred to me that as we clear up old ways of thinking, as we forgive ourselves and others, as we shake off beliefs that don’t fit us, we realize immediately when we are out of sync with ourselves. We know we have fallen off the horse. We immediately ask, “What was it that caused me to fall? How can I use my tools to reframe my experience so that I can be one with myself?”

The process of getting back on the horse is easier and happens faster than before. In fact it’s almost immediate.

Color frequencies offer that kind of immediate reframing. The complementary pairs bring balance and keep you and the horse moving forward as one.

Over the years, as I have used color complements, they have become my companions. They have evolved me and evolved with me. The time it takes to work with them is nearly instantaneous.

The basic color course we offer gives you the tools you need. It helps you make that connection with the color pairs that work with you.

At The Power of Color we are offering opportunities to take this basic course in three locations in Washington State and also on line. You do home study and then meet in person for a Saturday.  On line we meet for an hour by phone for 5 weeks and you do the home study in between.

Perhaps you are ready for this simple way of reframing life and allowing you to be in sync with yourself as you ride through the fog.

Here is the way to learn more and to sign up.


Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy