This is the third time I have moved in less than a year.  And yet, all the moving has brought me to my new apartment that looks out on trees and sky. Right now I am sitting on my porch as a slight breeze wafts through.

It’s just the process that is daunting.

Sorting through stuff! What to keep; what to release.

What feels good now?

But that trinket reminds me of my trip to Egypt. That was when I was in college. I hardly remember that trip. Pictures of me on a camel! Bits and pieces. Part of my journey. But I feel like a different person now. The same in many ways, yet different.

Does the memory of that trip support this moment? Not so much.

What will I do with that trinket? Put it on shelf? Store it in a box? Would I revisit it for reasons that help me move forward now? Probably not.

Perhaps it would bless someone else on their journey.

Moving requires sorting—again!  Not my favorite activity.

But isn’t that a way of keeping the journey fresh and relevant?

What thoughts support my current Life journey? Which ones keep me cycling in old stuff?

What emotions tie me to past experiences that I have already processed?

Here I am in this place of trees and natural beauty. Am I going to stay in the past or be in this moment of tranquility and peace?

Every day we have the choice. Will I stay tied to the past or will I be present now? I have just been listening to Narayan and Janet’s CD New World Family that includes the song “Be Here Now!”

Now is all there is. If I stay with the energies of what is no longer relevant, that becomes what I experience right now. That means I may not even notice what is around me that supports this part of my journey.

In many ways that’s the point of what I offer in my work. Let’s pay attention to what comes up and use the tools to release whatever is creating a drag on our energy and move into that which keeps us appreciating this very moment.

That includes stuff! What we surround ourselves with affects how we feel. The energy can seem like walking through sticky mud or it can be almost like flying with beautiful colors and a sense of appreciation for what is right here, right now.

Life is always changing. Sorting is a constant.

Let’s sort consciously, not wait until we are faced with deciding what to keep and what to release because of a move or an experience that won’t let us stay put.

Now is here, but only if we are clear of energy distractions and stuff that is no longer helpful.

We can choose to be right here, right now!

Arlene Arnold