If you have felt that things are moving extra fast, fasten your seat belt! We are going into hyper gear.

Organic living is a must in a fast paced world. Here’s what I mean by organic living:

Give up trying to make things happen. Our thoughts and intentions manifest immediately and show up in our human experience in the right timing. If you push the process, you will just expend unproductive energy.

  •  Focus on what you desire at a deep place inside of you
  • Intend to co-create this with all the help available in the best timing
  • In your mind’s eye see it already in process or just feel the energy coalescing as it gets ready to show up in this time and space
  • Then, let it go!
  • Trust that whatever is highest and best will come in its own right timing
  • If you find yourself doubting, go back to seeing the energy coming together


Recently, I had an experience that was like magic!

For some time, I have been asking for help to sell some the things in my storage unit that are worth a bit of money, but are nothing I need or want in my space. I want  someone to sell these things online and then we can share the profits.  I plan to donate my part of the profits in gratitude for how these objects have blessed me and others over the years.

 Selling these things myself is not a good use of my energy and when I think about it, the task gets put at the bottom of my list and I never get to it.

On Saturday I thought about this desire again. Instead of plotting how I could do it myself or who I could get to help me, I just said to myself, “If it is to happen, someone needs to come to help me.”

Then, I let it go.

On Sunday I was a church potluck.  I saw a new person sitting at a table by herself. I was prodded to go meet her.  I ended up sitting at her table and two other friends joined us.

During the conversation, I mentioned that there must be someone in the church who liked to sell things online that could help me clear out my storage unit.

My new friend had talked about how her job had been terminated at the company she worked for. She was given a nice severance package and decided she really didn’t want to have a job like that again, but she did need to make some extra money to pay for health insurance.

At this point in the conversation, she piped up and said that she loved to do research and she had sold things online before. She also said she loved to help people organize. She would be delighted to help me.

Wow! I hadn’t even mentioned that I need help reorganizing my storage unit.  I could hardly get things in and out of it.

I felt excited, relieved, and amazed. I hadn’t started that line of conversation thinking that someone there might help me. It was more like expressing out loud something I really desired. Because I wasn’t attached to how or who, I just voiced the thought without expectations.

Whoosh! The answer came.  It felt like magic!

That’s part of what I mean by living organically.

This is challenging for me because I have been a type A personality most of my life. In the past, I have often burned myself out making things happen. Letting go and letting things manifest as they will is like asking my new kitten to stop playing so hard.

Believing that I am both the dis-creator and co-creator  of my reality has been in my knowing for some time. Trusting that it really is true has been a process for my thinking self.

As we come into 2019, I sense that we will have to trust, allow, and live organically.  Too much will happening too fast for us to handle it the old way. Besides, think of all the energy conservation involved in living organically.  And, what comes is highest and best for us, even if at first it doesn’t seem so.

So here’s a toast to a new year that unfolds organically as we breathe into a new way of living!

Arlene Arnold