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Arlene Arnold

Founder, Course Creator & facilitator, author

I live in the Woodland, WA area in a beautiful apartment in my daughter’s home. I am surrounded by trees, flowers, and a magical ravine where I meditate by the bubbling brook. My cat Checkers is my constant companion and I am his entertainment as he follows me around. He loves to explore the outdoors, but after a recent encounter with a predator in the woods, he is mostly a house cat. If he ever goes outside, it will be during the day and in my yard!


It is my calling, my life purpose, to create tools for self-healing. The frequencies of color used in complementary pairs become personal companions, moving with you through the many stages of healing. After all these years, I am still astounded how colors can create immediate healing frequency changes. The more your consciousness and the colors work together, the deeper the healing.