Leslie Romine

Instructor, Monday Group Co-Facilitator

Hi, my name is Leslie Romine. I live in Albany, Oregon with my husband Will Bradley. I began working with Arlene Arnold in 2006 and eventually became a practitioner and trainer in her Complementary Color Therapy Program. My first encounter cinched it for me when the attraction to color came together with a profound experience with the Luminary Card known as Dolphin Song. I soon learned that the transformation and healing it offered were deep and yet simple to do.

These days I enjoy teaching and assisting with the creation of the courses, doing Transformational Healing sessions, giving Color Energy Reading sessions that result in breakthroughs, and being a part of the beautiful sharing and support of our groups. My joy is seeing the freedom, health, and happiness brought about by this work!

Others interests or practices of mine include Shamanism, Reiki, Rapid Eye Technology, Crystals, and Healing Ceremonies.

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