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Marian Russell

business team, co-creator of courses

I live in Olympia, Washington. My life is filled with many things, but my greatest delight is knowing that each day my curiosity and wisdom attach themselves to everything from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.

Several years ago, I met Arlene’s mother at a retirement home where I worked. This retirement home had problems. Organically, Arlene and I started to work within the dimensions to clean up the energy. Our intention was to do whatever was highest and best for ourselves and others involved in the problem. Looking back I realize how much taking Arlene’s courses has created clarity, expansion, and trust within me.

Color Courses 103 & 201 include information and “tools” based on many of my personal experiences. Besides co-creating courses, Arlene and I work Monday through Wednesday mornings doing dimensional work that Arlene fondly calls “Inner Plane” work.


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