Robin Oakman

editor, consultant, media and messaging coordinator

I live in Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR. My passion is writing…poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, and freelance content for businesses (blogs, websites, brochures). My husband and I love animals and share our house with a dog (Opie), 3 cats (Thomas, Heidi, and Sherlock), and 2 guinea pigs (Phantom and Boomer). I read a lot, primarily fiction and true crime, usually with a glass of good wine. It’s hard for me to resist the opportunity to help people, which keeps my dance card pretty full. And, of course, I love working with Arlene and the team at Transformational Tools.

Arlene and I met at our church and quickly became fast friends. As we each learned more about each other’s spiritual journeys, colorful sparks abounded! Arlene did a personal reading for me that broke down a lot of my personal barriers (I cried). I took the Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Course which helped me even more. Arlene realized that I possess skills, spiritual insight, and life experience that could help her build Transformational Tools into something even bigger and better. At this point, we are pretty good at finishing each other’s sentences!

Now that’s a good question! I do proofreading and copyediting of all of Arlene’s course materials. I assist with design and content for the Transformational Tools website. I am a sounding board for Arlene. We are a good fit because I believe in the work of Transformational Tools and bring skills to the table that allow Arlene to focus on “the work.” For lack of anything better, I would give myself the job title of “Chaos Coordinator.”

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