Stacey Cozza

Stacey M Cozza

Arlene's Admin, Leadership Team, Qi Balance Qigong

Here at Transformational Tools, “My Tribe”, I assist and support the work of Arlene’s vision to share the tools and resources that have helped me to understand who I am and how to live as a Highly Sensitive Intuitive Empath amongst other gifts.

Here I discovered my passion and current life purpose of being part of the Leadership Team and Spring Forest Qigong.

Spring Forest Qigong that parallels the teaching of Transformational Tools and provides gentle movements to clear energy blockages, bring in positive emotions, release excess energy, all that keeps me connected and grounded.  I am a Certified Practice Group Leader and Level 3 healer of Spring Forest Qigong.

I am here to share what I have experienced and learned.  Through that my hope is to make your journey a bit smoother.

As a Teacher of mine use to say “we all need a safe place to fall”.  Rev. Jacki

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