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Will Bradley

Instructor, Monday Group Co-facilitator

Spirit found me at age 13 and took me aside to show me certain things. This launched me on the Shamanic Way, a journey which developed slowly yet accelerated. I am now retired. My career was mainly in atmospheric research specializing in solar energy, its related meteorology and potential as a power source, primarily working at Oregon State University. My connection between Shamanism and science is that they are both nature based, a value I was given as a child. Music, as a sound engineer for many live shows, has been a deepening practice for me. I have an active practice of Mayan calendar based energetics and a physical dance teaching system and practice which I share publicly from time to time. I am happily married to Leslie Romine, another TT practitioner and I currently reside in Albany Oregon. I have a married adult daughter and three delightful grandchildren.

I connected to TT through Leslie Romine, my wife, as she became more and more involved over the years. As I recall, it’s been about 14 years. Only in the last several have I become a regular student, and only since spring of 2021 have I been consulting.

I have been a student of most of the TT courses, some for more than once. As these courses are interactive, I have been able to supply insights or suggestions which have been useful in the course context. As an advisor at business meetings I am asked to offer opinions and ideas for activities of the business. I coordinate the Monday Group Zoom sessions that evolved from the Crystal Colors course, helping to select topics and run the meetings.

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