The dragonfly in this picture came to my friend Peggy and me while we were browsing in a second hand store. It met us outside before we came in and again appeared hanging onto an earring in the jewelry section. Peggy whipped out her phone-camera and took picture after picture. The dragonfly stayed put, allowing us to experience its presence with amazement.




Recently, dragonfly came to me again as I was considering what we have been learning from the chaos in the world. It is apparent that messages about power and empowerment are a big part of what we are receiving.

“The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change
and change in the perspective of self realization;
and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity
and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.”

 As we view what is going on in the world, we might question whether we have grown in mental and emotional maturity.  We see people looking for something or someone outside themselves to “save the world.” They are ready to give their power over to others only to be disappointed again and again.

Change through Self-Realization

If looking outside ourselves for the answers hasn’t worked, that must mean we are to look inside.    Empowered living requires discernment that comes from our inner knowing which then activates deep authentic integrity into action. This different kind of power is part of our inherent essence.

Actions are then in alignment with a passion that comes from deep within. We do what is naturally our truth, fully aware there may be consequences that come with our choices.

These actions come from a calm center, knowing that our intention is for the highest and best for ourselves and all others. This requires mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity!

Living this way is a tall order when many of us have come from pleasing others, trying to fit in, not ruffling feathers, and not being too visible. Living in those old patterns is another way of giving away our power.

It’s time to step forward without expecting someone else to save us.  As we accept our inner power and poise, solutions come. We are drawn to collaborate with others to bring these solutions to the world. We choose leaders who mirror this new kind of power.

So how do we bring that authentic, self actualized power into daily life? Here is a simple formula that I recommend.

Intend to live from authenticity—Notice when old patterns come up that are out of step with your authenticity—Re-frame patterns by using your tools such as color therapy—practice living from the new patterns

As we live authentically, we change ourselves and the world. We demonstrate how to live from an inner power that leaves us feeling hopeful about life with all its challenges and its possibilities.

Wings, from the card set Luminariesgives us a sense of what can happen when we allow this new kind of power and poise to course through us.










(art by Lahrinda Eileen; words by Arlene Arnold)

Like a dragonfly of delight, fly free, into the depth or your soul-felt desires.  This is where dreams manifest.

Freely, fly into your dreams to know clearly your human/divine desires. Like a dragonfly of delight, move in, with, and through those manifestations in motion. Breathe into potentialities yet unrealized, remembering that all you desire is possible.

A Message from Wings

I am the freedom that you seek; the completion that you desire.  As you lighten your load and ascend to finer and finer vibrations, I am within your reach.  Even when your vision narrows and your focus becomes defined, I am available. Being free and complete is who you are. Claim it! Be it!

Arlene Arnold offers “tools” of transformation through color frequencies and the breath.

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