Color Energy Bags

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Self-healing with color energy bags is a simple way stop your pain or discomfort.

You can order set 1 that works with Color Course 101 or set 2 that works with color Course 201. Or order 1 of each for two sets of 6 colors each.

You don’t have to have taken one of the color courses, but the techniques you learn through them, coupled with the bags, works faster and more completely. Sometimes it almost feels like magic!

Do you have consistent pain in a certain part of your body? Why not try the power of healing color!



Self-Healing with Color Energy Bags

You can enhance your personal health and well being by adding these self-healing color energy bags as suggested. They are especially affective when used with the techniques you learn in the color courses.

They consist of two sets of 6 color bags each.

  • Set one works with the Color Course 101 (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple)
  • Set two works with the Color Course 201 (Red-Orange, Saffron Gold, Lime Green, Turquoise, & Indigo)

They each come laid out flat with a Velcro enclosure. You fill them with 1/3 cup of rice. You can add essential oils that resonate to the color if you wish. Then, they can be warmed in the microwave.

They can be placed on a color energy center in complementary pairs or with a single bag on each of the complementary color centers.  For example, Your hip hurts. The hip is in the Red Color Center (chakra). You could warm the color bags Red and Green and place them both over the painful area, or you could place the Green bag over that location as a way of creating balance and red in the green energy center on your upper back. This can begin to relieve the pain.

These bags are especially therapeutic when used along with the breathing and visualization exercises you learn in Color Course 101 (self guided) and Color course 201 ( group course).


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