Oracle Card Readings with Arlene Arnold


Arlene Arnold created ColorCards and co-created the Luminaries. These oracle decks offer a deep transformational card Reading. Arlene uses other tools, as she is guided, that offer changes in your energy that are long-lasting and can shift your life into more joy and satisfaction,.

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Deep Transformational Card Reading

In this deep transformational card reading, Arlene Arnold uses her two oracle decks, ColorCards & Luminaries. She helps you formulate your question or questions, picks the cards, intuitively selects information from the books for each deck, and then applies that to the question.

She will ask you for your input as she presents the information. Together, you use inner sight and intuitive guidance that shows you what comes next. Sometimes this is using a strength you have bypassed in the situation. Sometimes it’s acknowledging that you have some learning to do.

Arlene also uses “tools” from her two healing modalities she created: Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy. Your reading can become a mini self-healing session!


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