Harmony through Color Download

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When do you most need balance and flow? In stressful situations? When you have too much to do? When you’re trying to go to sleep?

Download this meditation into your phone. Take a breather in your car or on a bench in a park as you allow your body, mind, and spirit to rebalance.

Wake refreshed from the balance achieved as you go to sleep.

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Balance and Ease

Are you looking for balance and ease in your life that establishes a natural daily flow? The soothing voice of Arlene Arnold guides you through the easy visualization of breathing color complements. You may doze off or even see colors as you follow the meditation.

Put this download on your phone. Take a breather on your lunch break or drift off into a restful night’s sleep.

This kind of balance and ease brings a healthy flow to your organs, nerves, and whole body. Those pesky thoughts that tend to cycle through shift as you focus on Arlene’s voice.

With such an easy tool, you might find that your blood pressure returns to normal or your breathing is easier. Stressors release. Your body, mind, and spirit find their natural balance.


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