Humpty Dumpty Gets It Together

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Do you feel like you are in pieces–like you fell of the wall along with Humpty Dumpty? Let him show you how to put yourself together again. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

In this book, you will find “tools” to understand and embrace all of you. That means your personal energy will no longer leak away from you. That means you have a chance at feeling healthier, wiser, and definitely happier.

Join the many who have found a new lease on life. They are sitting on the wall with Humpty, instead of being in pieces next to the wall.

Create your own group and study this short book together.  There are places to write your learning near the back of the book.

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Put Your Yourself Together Again!

If Humpty Dumpty can do it, so can you.

Do you sometimes feel like parts of you from childhood, past lives, or from traumatic experiences got left behind?

This is the time to reclaim those parts of you–to embrace them into your wholeness.

We are moving into a time of wholeness (even though the news would say otherwise). This means we are being faced with things from the past that still come up in dreams or we meet someone who reminds we of a person we once knew. Do we stay in stress from the past or, like Humtpy, do we choose to embrace what has been separate? Wholeness is within our next moment if we choose it.

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