Inner Plane Work


Inner Plane Work

When the ego stands in the way of making changes, background work can be done in the inner planes. This can shift fear, feelings of abandonment, insecurities and even land and houses that have old energies attached to them.



When it’s difficult to reach a person face to face, this method works with the person’s soul self to reduce fear and protection that stand in the way of transformation.

This work can clear land, homes, a business, and whatever you are working with. The clearing brings whatever is being cleared back into its natural and most authentic state.

Marian Russell and Arlene Arnold do this work by phone for an hour. When you purchase this product, you are taken to our scheduler to save your hour spot. They work exclusively Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings from 8am-9am Pacific.

What others say:

” . . .everything that you and Marian had stated was exactly true and that was actually the whole deeper meaning of this process. . .”

“Thank you again for the beautiful healing you did with my husband.  It is wonderful to have him back with me mentally.”


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