Luminaries: A Prism of Change through Reflection and Transformational Art

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This Luminaries Oracle Deck offers profound transformation through insight, color, and sacred geometry. Each card is a conscious Luminary ready to partner with you on your journey. Whether you pick a card for the day or week, or you move through the two- 12 card sets over a period of time, you will transform!

You can also use them with other card decks such as our ColorCards.

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Mandala Oracle Deck

Author Arlene Arnold;
Artist Lahrinda Eileen

The Luminaries can guide you through a journey that starts with simplifying your life with the card Simply Self,

through 23 more cards that lead you to Ecstasy.

There are many ways to experience the cards. You can choose one to focus on for the day or week. You can work with sets of three, each set amplifying different aspects of a theme. Or, you can add the ColorCards Oracle Deck for more detailed guidance for your everyday life.

How ever you choose to work with them, you will find that each card has a consciousness that helps raise your personal frequency higher and higher and grounds you deeper and deeper. You peel off old patterns as you unveil your authentic self.

When you have moved through our courses, there is a 300 level course that helps you experience each of the 24 cards in two 12 week sessions.

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