Mini ColorCards

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Inner Guidance is in your pocket! The Mini ColorCards are small enough to put in your pocket and valuable enough to give you inner guidance in minutes. Their nudge of information shows you how to hear your inner guidance when so many thoughts are roaming around. Stop, take a breath, and then pick a card. Understanding dawns in minutes.

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How to Hear Your Inner Guidance for Your Day

You are in the middle of your day. A situation has come up that requires you to use your inner knowing. You go to your satchel or desk drawer and pull out the Mini ColorCards. You lay them out on table with the green side that says “ColorCards” facing up. You move them around in a circular motion so that the cards are shuffled.

You say, “I am choosing a card to gain insight into . . . .” You pick the card and turn it over. Whatever is at the top of the card (either strength or lesson), is your guidance. You can take the suggestion and sit with it as an answer. What does that message mean for your situation?If the card is a lesson, do the simple exercise in the center of the card to shift the energy of situation. This often moves the energy into a strength.

You can also go the the ColorCard’s book for additional information. Watch the video to see how to do that.


16 Cards 2.25″ x 3.5 ”


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