Sacred Sage Smokeless Mist

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Are heavy energies affecting your mood and your well-being? Try clearing yourself and your environment with sage without the mess.

No ashes to worry about. No complaints from those who don’t like the smell of burning sage.

Just a wonderful mist of sacred sage. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t heard of it before!

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Sage without the Mess

Burning sage is a great way to clear out unwanted energies in a room or around a person. However, great care must be taken to not burn the carpet or floor if you are burning sage indoors. It can also leave ash behind that is hard to cleanup. You may also have people in your family that don’t like the smell.

Smokeless Sage Mist is a great alternative way to introduce sage into your home and even around you.  It’s sage without the mess.

It has the positive effects of cleaning the energy while not bothering others in your space.

Arlene Arnold says, “I have used the product for years! All who purchased it loved it!”

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