Crystal in the Heart: Awaken the Light Grid CD

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As you awaken the crystalline light within your heart, you begin to see that light in others, which can then spread crystalline light. You see how we are all connected heart to heart by the light. You see that the light from many hearts connects into the universe. We are all one in the light grid.

Every time you listen to this meditation, you raise your own crystalline frequency. This strengthens the light grid.

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Spread crystalline light!

Are you feeling the waves love energy? They show up the patterns of feeling, thinking, and living that hold us down. As we release what no longer serves us, we begin to be aware of the crystalline light within us and then in others, the earth and the cosmos.

This meditation came about when many were beginning to feel the crystalline light in the heart.

If you’re not sure how much you feel that light, this meditation will take you step by step through an awakening of that light with you. Then, as you follow the guidance in the meditation, you see

Use this meditation to maintain your bright light. When the earth feels dark, spread crystalline light.

Meditation by Arlene Arnold; special music created by Dawn April Williams

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