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You are a co-creator. Manifesting through sacred geometry and color can become a way of life! With this “tool,” you will only bring into form that which aligns with your soul purpose for this lifetime.

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Manifesting through Sacred Geometry and Color

The Diamond Grid offers a way of manifesting through sacred geometry and color.

Everything that is in form, maintains its form through the diamond grid. As you understand this grid and how you can use it to create what is in alignment with your life purpose, you begin to understand that you are a co-creator. If you ever felt like you had little control over your life, this will change your mind.

This can never be used to control others or create something that hurts others. What you create has to be in alignment with your soul purpose.

With this “tool,” you can settle into the flow of life that is your unique way of being. Angst and worry no long dog your path.

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Diamond Grid

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