Transformational Sessions with Arlene Arnold


Transforming your life is deep work. Sometimes you come to the place where you need extra help.

You are unique. What holds you back and what limits your life is different from someone else.

A session with Arlene is a co-created process-you are creating transformation along with Arlene. Not only does it make changes in you , but it also allows you to exercise you inner guidance.

One hour session can clear a major theme that repeats in your life.
Three one hour sessions allow you to go deeper and transmute layers and layers of energy that is stuck in old patterns.

This work complements the courses and products offered here. The session moves your process along faster as you go deeper into self-healing.

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When you need extra help . . .

At Transformational Tools we have all kinds of products and courses that help you self-heal. Along the way, we offer guidance through Zoom Sessions that go along with the courses and opportunities to gather with others who are finding this work transforms their lives.

However, because you are unique, your life experience may have areas of deep suffering, trauma, and fear. You may find that you need extra help.

Since 1995. Arlene Arnold has offered personal life changing sessions. She uses tools she has created that are both tangible and intuitive. You can reclaim part of you that was lost, heal child parts of you that are fragmented, and free protective parts of you that developed in an uncertain childhood. You can erase themes in your life that keep you small, that throw you into overwhelm, that push you beyond your optimum healthy flow, and so much more.

Arlene listens, feels what is happening inside of you, and then dips into her ‘”tool box.” She is guided to the exact method that will allow your combined energies and wisdom to find the way to healing. You feel safe and supported in the process. You are in charge so at any point along the way you can choose to take a break. However, Arlene will make sure you are feeling that the work for that day is complete before the session closes.

Much can happen in one session; however, transmuting energy that was stuck often leads to the next layer that needs to be addressed. It is your choice how often you meet with Arlene. You can choose 1 session or 3.

Arlene is certified as a Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator. She has created two modalities she uses: Complementary Color Therapy and Inner Reality Therapy.

Each session is an hour by phone.

Is now the time to allow yourself to heal and expand?

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1 Session, 3 Sessions


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