Affirmation:  I am putting my life in order!

This affirmation became a place of contemplation for me. Here’s what came to me.

Why put my life in order?

My brain feels free when life is in order. This doesn’t have to be a confining space. It can be a clear space. Order clears the chaos. It frees creativity, allowing higher wisdom to move in easily.

Why does order create creativity?

The brain will not settle in chaos. It swirls instead. Swirling not only confuses those around me, but it also hides the nuggets of wisdom and creativity ready to emerge.


What are some ways I can put my life in order?  

  1. Align with Divine Spirit
  2. Breathe
  3. Ask “What is my heart’s desire today?”
  4. What is my first step toward that heart’s desire?
  5. Do it now.

Home Study Opportunities for Putting Life in Order:

Basic Color Course, Level 1:

Balance 3 pairs of complementary chakras so you are operating from both your human and divine self. This can bring order to chaos that tends to drain your life force.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

Here you balance the human and divine aspects of the feminine and masculine.  Then you bring these balanced aspects into a new partnership. This is the empowered you! Feel energized, aware, and excited about life.

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