Many of us are weighed down by the inhumanity and chaos of the world around us.  I often feel it as tears on my shoulders or heart. It is a message to send love to the hopeless and lost around the world as well as the earth itself.

But how do we do that if our own frequency has been affected by what we feel around us?

Dolphin Song (from the card set Luminaries) is here to help.  The conscious energy of Dolphin song says, “Sit beside me in the nothingness, to rejuvenate your inner resolve.”

Inner Resolve: As we sit in the nothingness with Dolphin Song we can reach deep into our soul center and resolve (“firm determination to do something”) to be the authentic energy of hopefulness.

That determination shifts our frequency immediately. Dolphin Song is with us as we shift.

We are the determiners of what frequency we radiate. However, having the companion Dolphin Song at our side allows an immediate shift that we are then able to acknowledge and maintain.

As we “rejuvenate our inner resolve,” the energy we need in this moment is vibrant.  We are able to feel free to be our authentic presence in this time and space.

Arlene Arnold

Arlene is author of “Luminaries” and Lahrinda Eileen is creator of the mandala art.
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