Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Use the audio visualization to experience the power of color!

Arlene Arnold

We all have times of stress and anxiety. There are many reasons why that happens. But, you don’t have to let that dominate your day.

During your day, stop a moment and check in with your body. Is it tight? Is your breathing shallow?

In the beginning, you may have to set an alarm to remind you to take a moment to check in.

You already know that stress is not good for you.  In fact, it is a root cause for most discomfort, distress, and disease. The longer that stress stays in your body, the greater toll it will take on your health and well-being.

Here I am offering you a simple visualization that combines the benefits of conscious breathing and the transformational attributes of colors. This is so simple many parents use it with their children.

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Voice is Arlene Arnold; Harp Music by Al Harris

Notice how you feel. Put this audio on your phone so you can take a time-out wherever you are.

This color breathing exercise is part of Color Course 101. In that course you become intimate with the colors. Over the course you dissolve patterns that bring on stress. You are more aware of your body and your intention to live without stress.

What does your FAVORITE COLOR tell you about you?

Each color has its own frequency.  That frequency has meaning.

That means that your favorite color can tell you something about yourself.

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