What is Consciousness?

Here’s a helpful analogy by Ryan Brown

“A helpful analogy for understanding consciousness is to consider a human being as a highly advanced computer. In order for a computer to know what to do, software needs to be installed on the hard drive. The computer faithfully listens to and performs the functions the software tells it to do without questioning, even if the software is sometimes a bit faulty. Now imagine, for a second, that our consciousness is something like a computer hard drive and all our beliefs, habits and reactions are like the software…

Over our lifetime (beginning very early in childhood) we accumulate mounds of software; programming us to act and think a certain way, as defined by the culture we grew up in, our parents, our friends, the media and so on. We took on this conditioning automatically. We did not ask to be programmed. Just like the computer hard drive itself has no say in which programs the user puts on it, we didn’t choose which ones were thrown onto us.”



When I went through my training to become a Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator (1994-1995), I realized how many programs I had taken on that were running my life.  They caused me stress and often I felt uncomfortable because they weren’t who I am.

I had read mounds of self help books and been through several years of counseling.  As an Aries I’m not patient with anything that takes too long or is too complicated.  I knew there must be an easier way to shift habits of thought and drama-creating patterns of living.

That’s when the Humpty Dumpty story came to me. Each of these programs was like a piece of us that had gotten lost in thoughts and habits that had fallen away from the core self.  Reclaiming these pieces was an inside job.

As I applied this story to the spiritual journey, I realized that we each have the ability to reprogram our pieces.  We know them intimately because they are part of us.  As we acknowledge them and treat them with compassion, like we would a precious child, they shift; they let go of programs that don’t reflect our inner self.  They reveal our whole beautiful self that has been there all along.

Humpty Dumpty Gets It Together is a short book packed with simple, effective techniques to reprogram your consciousness.  I included work pages at the end so you could go back to the techniques and apply them to your own life.

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Arlene Arnold


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