Recently, while writing in my journal, the consciousness in Emerald Green became very present. I feel that its message is for everyone. Arlene Arnold

“I am emerald–stately and transforming. In a world of divine activity, I come to settle the energies and awaken the human deep love of the earth.

Humans have long seen me in a precious stone, emerald, but that is just a bit of my energy that was captured in a natural way. Now, I am offering my full capacity to be present as a reminder to move consciously.

No more unconscious living!
No more seeking more and more!

I bring you settledness, a new sense of place. This place is off the beaten track. It is remote and yet accessible to those who are aware and conscious.

It is a nurturing place. Whatever needs my presence will be fueled with resonant appreciation, including self-appreciation.

Oh My Dear Ones, you are so resilient, but this has taken a toll on you.

Let me show you a kind of resilience that is effortless and so satisfying that you trust that all is well!

Now rest in this kind of resilience. It is renewing, not energy taxing.

We are all on a journey together. We create as we go.

Welcome to a new way of being!

Arlene Arnold
Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator