Are you overly sensitive to what others are feeling?

If you are, does that make it difficult to know what feelings are yours?

We have a course that shows you how to be sensitive without taking on what others feel. You can be compassionate without feeling overwhelmed

Learn to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive/Intuitive Person

Here are the questions you will be able to answer during the course . . .

  • In what ways am I highly sensitive and intuitive?
  • What challenges has that created in my life?
  • How have I coped with those challenges?
  • How can I decrease or eliminate my overwhelm that has led to anxiety?
  • How can I see clearly who I am and what I have to offer in this world?
  • How do I live my day-to-day life authentically and joyfully?

Scroll down for "Frequently Asked Questions."

Just $37
Other courses like this sell for around $200

This is a home study course plus 4 bonus phone calls with Arlene Arnold (course creator).

As soon as you sign up, you are provided log-in information so you can go to the portal where all of the course material is available. You will receive weekly followup emails to help keep you on track. When the group calls are available, you will be contacted.


Here are some of the responses from those who have taken the course:
"I feel more like me!"
"I breathe easier."
"I no longer take on other people's energy."


Your course facilitator is Arlene Arnold.

As a high/y sensitive/intuitive person herself, Arlene has guided hundreds of persons through their process of self-realization. She has developed simple, effective tools that shift the energy of thoughts, emotions, and old patterns of living. You learn to change your experience of life from one of overwhelm and anxiety to one that includes hope, self appreciation, satisfying work and relationships, and a sense of purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take?
The course lasts 3 weeks.  Each person is different so the amount of time may be different. You can expect to spend at least an hour reading the module, trying out the tools, and watching a short video. Our bi-monthly phone calls are an hour.

What if I miss one of the calls?
It’s recorded so you can go back to it as you are able.

Can I do the course on my own?
Yes, this is a self guided home study course.  However, we find that a lot is learned by the conversation on the bonus calls.  

How much is It?
Your investment is only $37.  I have seen courses like this for close to $200.

Will it be offered again?
Bonus calls will be offered bi-monthly, but we can’t guarantee that the price of $37 will stay the same.

Do I need to know anything about color therapy?
No, all the tools you learn will be taught to you step by step.

Will Arlene be teaching the course?
Yes, for now.

Do I need to know if I am highly sensitive or intuitive?
Well, we all are to some extent.  Wherever you are at on your life journey, this information and these tools will help you thrive!

How soon do I have to sign up?
The materials are available immediately upon signup. This gives you time to study the modules and do the exercises in preparation for the next set of bonus calls.

Sign up now so you don’t forget.