When Lyn shared this in the Luminaries Class, I asked her to write a blog post about it. – Arlene

 I recently enjoyed a trip to San Diego, Ca, and a stop at a museum.  At the museum, we walked into a documentary film on the Great White Shark.  The movie showed people who have taken on the intention of quietly observing and learning about the Great White Shark, and learning how to save this species from extinction.  From their process of learning through quiet observation, they have grown to love these powerful and beautiful sharks.  The movie explained how as a society we took on the energy of fear around this shark through the movie Jaws, and how that has influenced our perception.  This does not mean that they are careless in their work with the shark- quite the opposite – but they have been able to replace the energy of fear with respect, and they are teaching this new way of seeing and being through their work, and sharing it with others through this film. There are many people coming to the museum who will see this film, including many groups of school children, and I felt warmed by knowing the message they would receive.

Through their thoughtful work, this group of people is offering to us a new perception – a new way of looking at the Great White Shark.  I left with a sense of wonder – what IF, through our openness and quiet observation, we could shift all of our perceptions of fear to respect, and how that would affect our experience and relationship to our planet and each other.  

  • Lyn Radosevich


Thanks Lyn for your insight!

 In the world of color, Turquoise stands for respect.  Isn’t it interesting that it is also a color of the sea.


Arlene Arnold