As I moved into the new year, I was excited. I could feel great things ahead.

Then, I had some down days.  Hey, what is this.  This is a fresh new year. So much is possible!  Why would I be feeling down?

Have you experienced that?

I had days when I felt a bit disoriented. As the new year dawned, it was like getting used to a new personal vibration. I knew I was grounded, yet I was having trouble finding my feet. I was unsure of my footing and had to be very mindful while moving through a normal day.Initially I wondered if it had to do with an earlier fall, but deep down I knew it was something different.

I have found myself dreaming almost every night. Previously,I was rarely aware of my dreams. Patterns of thought as well as emotions seemed to be coming to my attention through the dreams. Sometimes, I saw how much I had shifted my response to life and other times I recognized old patterns I had yet to shift.

(It helps all of us to know what others are experiencing during this important time of change.  Please leave comments below about what is happening for you.)


During this time, I  colored the mandalas from our new coloring book, allowing the balance that came through the process to give me an opening for new insight and a shift in my mood.

This is such an easy way to experience the power of bringing complementary colors together. It is a meditative opening that invites the colors to help us release old patterns and claim new ones.

I invite you to give it a try.


Here’s what Peggy says about her experience through coloring:

“. . . Every time I ponder this particular challenge I end up in a standoff between what I think is the right thing to do and what the feeling in my gut says I should do. Of course the ‘right’ thing to do will have the least popular outcome and even seems a bit heartless. These two aspects of my being have been continually in opposition about a plan of action to solve this problem for weeks.  As luck would have it, I recently bought a copy of Arlene Arnold’s, Mandala Coloring Book and while I was thumbing through it, I came upon an exercise using the colors yellow and purple in a coloring meditation.  (Clarify Your Thinking and Increase Your Intuition P-26).

The instructions were speggy smithimple; just focus on your particular question or situation, relax the mind and color.  A calm and quiet peacefulness came over me as soon as I let go of trying to solve the problem and engaged in a playful dance with the colors and exquisite shapes within the mandala.  When I was done I realized that I could find a balance between my intellect and my intuition if I bridged both ideals from a heartfelt sense of harmony.  I began to trust that the right action would come by honoring the importance of what I know to be true while equally acknowledging how I felt about my choices.


The synergistic partnership of Arlene’s color therapy guidance and the original artwork of Dodie Weiss complement each other perfectly.  Color your way to insightful discoveries and explore mindful living at the edge of a rainbow. Visit The Power of Color and find out more about adding some extra color in your quest for the good life. “

Read Peggy’s full blog post

For those of you who are using our coloring book to change your mood and patterns of living, send us a picture so we can share it with others.

We’re all still in process so things come up, but it gets easier and quicker to shift what we don’t want.

Let’s join together in making this a great year!

Blessing of 2016,

Arlene Arnold


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