My apartment is strewn with boxes:

> Tax information I am shredding

> Slides I am sorting

> Old journals I am going through to find the bits I want to save and reorganize.

I am gratefully letting go of anything that no longer feels relevant.

Have you felt the need to sort, release, and organize?  This is a great time to do that before you head into a new moon.  Clearing the energy around you, and in you, leaves room for new intentions to come into this present moment.

Simply Self, from the Luminaries Set, supports us in this process.


Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Make room for clarity of thinking and feeling, which allows pearls of wisdom to emerge from deep within. 

As we sort, release and organize, we simplify life.  The energy around us grows lighter, more flowing.  This leaves us open to receive what is next.

What are you hanging onto that keeps the energy around you stagnant?

What if you let go of anything that no longer feels relevant?

What might then be allowed to flow into your life?

Please share your thoughts!  We learn so much from how each of us sorts, releases, and organizes.



Arlene Arnold

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