What a time of transformation!  So much is coming forward to help us.

My friend and mentor, Peggy, shared this with me when she returned from her trip.  I feel it is so helpful!  I asked her if I could share it with you.  May it bless your journey.

Arlene Arnold,  www.ThePowerOfColor.com

Peggy Smith 


What I learned on my vacation.

I am resilient

I have no need to be ‘right’ at any cost

I do not herd well… wandering off on my own when the opportunity arises.  I am now more bewildered than ever about…. well, just about everything.  Why do people choose… no, it’s not about choosing.  I think it’s about losing.  We lose our way and confuse our desires and dreams as the meaning and guiding force in our lives.

I have had a small revelation about something I observed.

We all have an internal guidance system that can right our course when we have lost our way.  It came to me that, much like a well-built sea faring vessel, we all entered this voyage called life with a divine navigational tool; we all have soul centering possibilities.

Soul centering possibilities gently return us to compassion and trust in the flow of loving kindness.  Soul centering possibilities never deplete our life force or require validation.  Validation of self through what we own, what we produce, what we hear others say about us, or how much we suffer while being disappointed by all of the above.

Soul centering possibilities show us how to navigate from the heart not the mind.

If we can return to the source that is always centered in loving kindness we will never need to manipulate, seek power over another, strike out in anger and defensiveness, recoil in fear and doubt ,or stand rigid in a belief that condemns, judges or excludes another living soul.

What I learned on my vacation is that I choose to practice and master my life’s journey continually refining the loving art of soul centering.