If you are like me, you have heard a lot about “staying in the moment.” Why is that important?

First, let’s see what staying in the moment is about. If you miss this moment, you are not present. You miss the juicy part of life that is happening right now! So, if this moment doesn’t feel juicy to you, it is still important. In fact, some of the most important moments in life are the most difficult!

When you live in the past or the future you are not in the moment. Well, duh! That seems self evident, but when I first heard that, it was a revelation. Now, I could simplify staying in the present by asking myself where my focus is. Am I thinking about something in the past or something that hasn’t happened yet? If I am, I”m not really present here right now.

OK so that helps me step back and see clearly where I am. Of course it doesn’t always seem like a choice. Fear, anger, regret, blame—all these emotions can keep us in the past or future. When these emotions are running (and they are always connected to events that you are replaying), they can be in charge. It’s like we are under their spell!

This leads us to the question, “How do I break the spell? How do I reclaim my ability to choose? Ah that’s the big question isn’t it? Several helpful ideas came to me this past week. One is a video and the other a simple practice.

I found the video so inspirational! It’s not a new idea, but the way it is delivered touched me deeply. http://www.celebratewhatsright.com

Yes, it’s about focusing on “what’s right”; not “what’s wrong”. And what does that have to do with staying in the moment? Whatever you focus on is what you experience. When you focus on what’s right you are creating something wonderful in that moment. Check out the video and you will see what I mean.

The other idea is a simple breathing technique. I have long been struck by how powerful breathing is. When you focus on your breath you are in the moment. It’s not possible to be some place else. Try these simple techniques. http://mettarefuge.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/healing-the-body-with-mindfulness-of- breathing/

Of course my favorite way to stay in the moment is through color therapy. What I like about using color is that I don’t have to work hard. The colors do the job for me.

In addition, they help me reach the source of that program that is running that has me under its spell. Through color therapy I have a chance to end that program forever.