What Does This Have to Do with the Holiday Spirit?


This morning I watched pictures of the city of Aleppo and heard stories of unimaginable cruelty. Last night I enjoyed a special time with family, giving and receiving gifts, putting together a puzzle, watching dog antics, and laughing.

In a time of such tragedy and uncertainty, how do we stay open-hearted without dropping deep into the despair so many feel? And what does this have to do with the holiday spirit?

My answers always come back to the spiritual journey. When someone close to us dies, we feel the loss. We mourn. Yet, in the midst of the very real pain of mourning, we turn for comfort to family, nature, and the enduring human spirit that, at its best, is rooted in love. During our mourning there are–

times of tears and times of laughter;
times of regret and times of celebration;
times of wanting to leave this world and times of determination to make every moment count.

This is also true when the human spirit loses its way. We mourn then as well.

What we are experiencing now in the world and in our country may feel like the deep loss of love. Yet, if we become that loss, we add to the depressive spirit that forgets there is also hope.

Living in this dichotomy of grief and celebration can feel crazy-making.  We may feel that celebrating is unreal in the midst of that which wrenches the heart.

We see and experience so much that shows us a heartless humanity. We may blame, gnash our teeth, feel like victims. Or we may, instead, resolve to live more fully from that authentic place of Love that sees, feels, and knows tragedy, yet reaches out to Love for support. This choice determines what happens next for us individually and as the people of Earth.

This is the kind of balance of compassionate awareness and determination to live as the authentic power of Love that allows us to evolve.

Is our path of evolution easy?  Not so much!

We need to use all our tools to stay balanced. There is so much support (in the visible and the invisible) that under-girds our intention to evolve, yet we can get caught in our humanness and forget to call out to that help. That’s why we need each other. Together our intentions and prayers are magnified. Together we can cry with those who mourn without losing ourselves in the grief. Our hearts can grow heavy with discouragement, yet together we can lift our spirits and reclaim our determination. We can collaborate with Eternal Love to co-create the highest and best of who we are.

The frequencies of colors are waiting for as to ask for their assistance to bring about inner and outer balance. When we focus on swirling and breathing complementary colors in our body and energy field, we can more easily live in that balance. One color keeps us grounded and real in the human experience, while the other keeps us connected to Divine Love which allows our spirit to soar and empowers us to create a heart centered world.

This allows us to celebrate life in the midst of that which we mourn.

Let us support each other to keep our inner light shining brightly. We are the future we desire, the hope that we reach out for. We are the arms and legs of Love. We are Spirit in form that can make all the difference!

Blessings in this season of hope in the midst of the crazy-making human experience,

Arlene Arnold

The art above (called Celebration) was created by Lahrinda Eileen for the evolutionary divination cards called Luminaries.

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