Mary Dawson 300 x 300

This work opens me up to new possibilities!

Arlene Arnold and Transformational Tools have helped me open myself to new
possibilities. Color and crystals and sound are examples of tools that helped me
know myself better and tap into my potential and life mission.
The Transformational Tools in each of her courses are relaxing and have helped
me heal trauma. Arlene has built a learning community of folks who share
experiences with a variety of tools on Zoom as a part of these courses.

Mary Dawson

Cyndie Renz

Colors give me messages in my art!

When I sat down to join a color meditation led by Arlene Arnold, I had no idea of the journey I would begin. I had used color tools in meditation before but the colors hadn’t actually spoken to me until that day. I immediately purchased the color card deck and began using the cards every day.  The colors became such an intricate part of my meditation and day, that I began hearing them speak. Since I was an intuitive artist using only charcoal to draw, I knew I needed to allow the colors to merge with my drawings. I began using more color in my art. .

Jeanne Bartlemay (4)

Less worry and stress,more self-awareness and self-acceptance

Jeanne Bartlemay

Personal sessions with Arlene Arnold, group work, and knowledge from the courses have really helped me heal stuck patterns from childhood and transcend old ways of thinking and being. I have less worry and stress, more self-awareness and self-acceptance and greater understanding and empathy toward challenging events and relationships. I have more compassion for our collective journey as we move out of struggle and survival and conditional love to acceptance, moving through, and surrendering to the mystery. Events don’t always follow human logic but we are never without options—there is power in us and around us that we can align with. The Transformational Tools courses, meditations, visualizations, cards and books and personal and group sessions are an easy entry into knowing oneself better as an energetic being. Life becomes lighter, less grim, more playful, interesting and enjoyable from holding the perspective “I can trust what I’m being shown and what I feel in my body.”

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