Jeanne Bartlemay (4)

Less worry and stress,more self-awareness and self-acceptance

Jeanne Bartlemay

Personal sessions with Arlene Arnold, group work, and knowledge from the courses have really helped me heal stuck patterns from childhood and transcend old ways of thinking and being. I have less worry and stress, more self-awareness and self-acceptance and greater understanding and empathy toward challenging events and relationships. I have more compassion for our collective journey as we move out of struggle and survival and conditional love to acceptance, moving through, and surrendering to the mystery. Events don’t always follow human logic but we are never without options—there is power in us and around us that we can align with. The Transformational Tools courses, meditations, visualizations, cards and books and personal and group sessions are an easy entry into knowing oneself better as an energetic being. Life becomes lighter, less grim, more playful, interesting and enjoyable from holding the perspective “I can trust what I’m being shown and what I feel in my body.”

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