We are close to the opening of a new portal.  I feel excited and on edge, both at the same time.  Life as we have known it will never be the same again.  What is to come will challenge us in new ways–ways we cannot even imagine!  Yet, I do not hesitate to step through this portal.  I can do nothing else. To resist this step would be to deny all of what I have prepared for.  To drag my feet would be to deny who I am.

At the same time, I must embrace my edginess because it is my human self responding to the unknown.  What will this step require of me?  Will I measure up?  Those questions come from ego.  The whole of me knows that I would not be at this threshold unless I were ready.

Do I feel ready?  Yes and no.  The human side of me questions my readiness.  My knowing self is jumping for joy.  I take a deep breath.  I call on my personality (human) self which vibrates as yellow to join my soul  (knowing) self which vibrates as purple.  With both sides of me acting in partnership and oneness, I stand ready to serve; ready to experience; ready to surrender to this moment with all that is in me.

I am present.  I am forever changed.  I am alive in a new way.  I will know what to do if doing is the next step.  I am present with all I know, all I feel, and all I am.  That is spiritual mastery.  I have prepared for this.

Am I always there?  No.  But I am fully aware of how I am showing up.  This allows me to celebrate this moment, touch deeply into my heart, and with abiding compassion for the human that I am, I breathe deeply into this moment.

I am here.

I am present.

I am how I am in this moment and that is all I can be.




This morning I picked a card from the Luminaries (A Prism of Change through Reflection and  Transformational Art) that Lahrinda Eileen and I created.  It’s called “Ecstasy.”


Here’s part of what it says:

“The emotion-soaked coat of yesterday has been embrace and transformed.  the hoped-for magnificence of tomorrow is now.  Open the floodgates of divine/human passion.  Burst forth as a fully resonant song of Ecstasy.

Are you alive?  You are alive!

Are you present?  You are present!

Allow all your brightest colors to flow.

Allow all your sense to evolve in order to fully experience an awakening world around you.”

This card set walks you through the change with lots of help and plenty ideas to experience and chew on.