Many around the world are celebrating Christmas during this season. Yet, no matter your spiritual orientation, the Christ Light is available to all.

Many years ago, I sensed the Christ energy. Then, I felt called to recognize its presence. This, activated the Christ Light in my core, which for me was my heart center. It was as if my own Core Light met the Christ Light. I experienced that light as a deep gold.

Today, as I focus on my core, which I now experience between my heart center and my solar plexus, I sense my personal Core Light(which now has a lime green tinge to it) hugged by the Christ Light. There is a sense of partnership.

All of this light and all of the colors are aspects of the One, the Core of Creation, the Cosmic Love from which we have been birthed into form.

As I breathe into my core, which is being hugged by the Christ Light, it becomes brighter. It shines from my center, out through my physical form, into and through my light body, and then shines out from there  like an earth star.

Imagine the magnificence of light that is possible as we all shine from our core! We can be millions of earth stars bringing light to tired earthlings and all of creation.

There can be human dramas going on around us, physical challenges we are dealing with, grief we are experiencing, human loneliness that can seem to keep us separate, yet when we focus on our core, the light is there. As we breathe into that core, our light shines brighter. As we see ourselves and our experiences from the perspective of the Core Light, all that is on our personal life stage is part of our journey, yet it doesn’t define us. Instead, it helps us to become resilient.

Illumination, from the card set Luminaries reminds us of the importance of our core light.

Light magnifies light, which magnifies light, which impacts the entire universe so let your light shine!

Thank you for shining your light in the world! Your impact is more than you realize.

Blessings of Light,

Arlene Arnold