You have chosen BLUE as your favorite color at this moment.  There is a strength in this color that can allow you to fully express yourself in this life.

You like BLUE because it resonates (feels right). When you clearly know that BLUE is one of your strengths and you know why it is important to you, you will know how it can help you.  There are probably others in your family or among your coworkers or friends who also like this color.  Knowing this about that person can help you understand them better.

Now let’s find out what aspects of BLUE stand out for you!

When You Are Attracted to Blue

You are a person who has a lot to express.  Often people think this refers only to speaking because blue is located in the throat/neck area in the body, but it’s way more than that.  What do you think of when you hear the term ‘expression’?  How do you express yourself–singing, art, teaching, cooking, writing, taking photos, cleaning, arranging furniture?  See?  There are lots of ways to express yourself.  In fact, just about anything you do is a form of expression.

It would be my hope that people understand and honor their contributions in life.  The woman who cleans my apartment once a month does understand this.  She expresses herself through the way she cares for the space and how she places things.  She does this consciously, knowing that what she is doing serves others.  She and I had a conversation about this.  I told her that what she did allowed me to focus on my expression of writing, creating tools, and working with clients by phone.  It felt good to do this in a clean, orderly space.  I think of this when I experience the work of good servers at a restaurant.  They artfully create a space with their energy.  They are confident, caring, and never waste a step.  It’s fascinating to watch them.  They obviously enjoy people and go to great lengths to remember regular customers.

Expression in blue goes deeper than you might think.  This is a soul-level contribution to life.  Often, when people think about their Soul purpose, they think of something grandiose that makes them a celebrity or someone well known.  Soul purpose can be whatever you do consciously from your inner depth.  And this is a matter of what you are drawn to and what you do joyfully.  Too often people find their work to be drudgery feeling that they can’t do what they really want to do.

What would happen if you became really clear about what you want to express (if you haven’t already done that).  You can look at what you do well and what you really enjoy.  If it’s going to take some time before you can find what you want to do, you may need to supplement it with something else.  However, you can use that interim job as a place to master something in yourself that will support the expression you are working toward.  For example, maybe you want to own a restaurant.  You have a vision for a place where people are fed on many levels as they eat there. You even have a picture of the decor, location, and size.  However, you don’t yet have the funds for it.  In the meantime, you are managing someone else’s restaurant.  You have taken training as a chef, although that’s not your greatest love.  However, it does give you a unique perspective as you notice the menu offered in the restaurant you are managing.  You consciously try different ways of working with the staff, ordering necessary items for the restaurant, and you notice how the owners manage the advertising and money outlay.  Instead of bemoaning your fate of having to work for someone else, you are grooming yourself for what you really want.  Your attitude is positive, open, and grateful as you recognize the opportunity you have been given.  This is the kind of energy that will attract what is needed for your true expression to be brought into your reality.  In the meantime, you are still expressing yourself, creating an atmosphere that is wholesome, allowing everyone around you to be more positive and maybe even encouraging them to enjoy what they are doing.

Getting to Know the Color Blue

Which of these attributes of blue describe you?

● Creative
● Calm
● Expressive
● Truthful
● Concerned with Integrity
● Loyal
● Affectionate
● Desiring Peace

Experience Blue

Can you feel the vibration of blue?  Imagine you are sitting on the sea shore.  You look out over a deep blue sea on a backdrop of azure sky.  Wisps of clouds brush through this canopy of blue.  Breathe into this restful scene. Feel the vibration of blue.

Memories of Blue

Who else do you know who has the blue traits?

What do you admire most in them?  Often what you see in others is also in you.

When was the last time you noticed something blue?  How did you feel?

Were there times when you were growing up that you felt that way?  (Often we have been in a relationship with the colors we love from early childhood).

A story about Blue

Jim worked as a mechanic at his friend’s shop. He was always humming a tune as he worked.  Jim loved to sing.  He sang to his children; he sang to his wife; he sang at church.  Jim felt the music from the top of his head to the tips of toes and to the depth of his heart.  It was as if he had become the song.  One day Jim was asked to sing a favorite song to a child in intensive care.  A beautiful smile came over the child’s face as he sang.  Jim’s gift of joy was a blessing for the little girl and her parents.  When the child passed, Jim was asked to sing that same song at her memorial service.  Everyone in the room was moved by his song.  It was as if angels had gathered to sing with him.  Jim had never been happier.  He had been allowed to offer his true soul-deep expression.  After that there were many times when Jim was asked to sing to children in the hospital.  He also found that he was drawn to sing in mental wards and in the spinal injury section of the hospital.  Patients were happier for at least a few moments and who knows how much that had to do with their recovery or ability to live with their circumstances.

Your Attributes in blue

If blue is one of your favorite colors:

● You like to create.  This can be something tangible or it may be creating an atmosphere or feeling.
● Integrity is important to you.  You are uncomfortable putting on a front.  You want others to be themselves as well.
● You are loyal.  You will stand up for those you care about.  Even when others let you down, you will keep trying to help them.
● You have to have times of quiet and calm – otherwise, your creativity tends to move out in all directions and nothing comes together.
● Inner peace is your goal.  You look for ways to allow that in your life.
● When you speak, people pay attention.  You have a certain authority because you insist on coming from integrity.

How Can You Best Use Your Blue Traits

What is it that your soul wants to express?

What method does it want to use to express who you are?

It helps to look back on your life to see what you like to do. What gives you joy?  What could you do again and again without getting tired of it?  This will give you some clues.  Now just take the next step that seems indicated.  Trust that you are moving with your inner self to a greater understanding of what you are here to offer as your soul expression.

Knowing Yourself

The more you live from your inner truth, the more peaceful you will be.  Creative projects will come to you easily.  You will know how to bring these projects into place.  Because you are respected by others, they will want to work with you and learn from you.  When you live your life from an authentic desire to express your deepest self, what you do will always bless you and others.  This is a satisfying way to live.  As you get to know yourself better, you can make more conscious choices that keep you focused on what is truly important.  There will be no regrets; no looking back to see what you could have done differently.

Another Way to Appreciate Blue  

Blue is a conscious energy.  It wants to partner with you in your life.  Call on it! Ask it for help.  For example, if you aren’t sure what your true expression might be, blue can nudge you toward that.  As soon as you connect with the consciousness in blue, what you desire will begin to appear, so pay attention.  It may be a form you were not expecting.

Other Color Attributes You May Want to Embrace

Now that you have recognized your attributes in blue, you may be curious about other colors.

That’s why we are offering you a chance to learn about all 6 colors.  Wouldn’t it be life changing to be consciously aware of the attributes you bring to this life?

Imagine how helpful it would be to learn more about others through the colors they love. You would understand why they avoid some things and are excited to do something else.

The attributes we are calling strengths in each of the colors have been compiled in an e-book for you. Just as you discovered your color attributes in this color, you can now learn about the other colors to see what fits you and what might fit others you know.