You have chosen GREEN as your favorite color at this moment.

There is a strength in this color that you can draw on when you want to lead with your heart instead of your head.  You like GREEN because it resonates (feels right). When you clearly know that GREEN is one of your strengths and you know why it is important to you, you will know how it can help you.

There are probably others in your family, or among your coworkers or friends, who also like this color.  Knowing this about that person can help you understand them better and allows you to know how to draw on their strength when needed.

Now let’s find out what aspects of GREEN stand out for you!

When You Are Attracted to Green

Green is a very important color center in the body!  It’s all about how you give and receive love.  (Green’s location in the body is the chest area plus arms and hands.  It includes the heart.)  When you are attracted to green you may find that you have some of these strengths.

You are:

● Open hearted
● Compassionate
● Full of compliments for others
● A healing presence
● One who loves plants and tends to have a huge love for all growing things
● Kind
● Open to your own growth
● One who celebrates growth in others

Experience Green

Can you feel the vibration of green?  Imagine you are lying on green grass.  Soak up that healing green. If green is your strength, what you feel as you lie there is what others feel when they are around you.  You radiate the green vibration in your energy field

Stories about Green

Kathleen loved trees.  She hugged them, painted pictures of them, talked to them, and would sometimes sit in a parking lot and just appreciate the trees around her.  I have a painting she did of the trees around a labyrinth walk near the church she attended.  They are vibrant and so alive in all their many shades of green.  Kathleen often wondered what her life purpose was.  I reminded her of her love of trees.  The earth responds to that kind of love.  Her green energy, that so appreciated the beauty of Earth, fed Mother Earth and all its creatures.  I would remind Kathleen that if she did nothing else with her life, her love of trees (and the color green) allowed tremendous healing to whatever she saw and to others around her.  Kathleen has now passed on, but her love of trees lives on in her paintings and in the memory of so many that she touched with her green energy.

Green was my mother’s favorite color.  She had a ‘green thumb’.  Her apartment and small porch were filled with plants of all kinds.  When someone moved into the retirement home where she lived, they always received a plant from her as a welcome gift.  If they were not that good at keeping plants alive, they would bring it to Mom to revive.  In fact, Mom received many ailing plants that others would have given up on.  Seldom did they die.  One of Mom’s green traits was her ability to help others feel included.  She always noticed when someone held back or if they didn’t leave their apartment to join in the activities.  She would personally invite them to go with her.  She introduced them to everyone making sure she mentioned interesting tidbits about them and introducing them to the special gifts of the person they were meeting.  Often, that would be the beginning of connection for this person who didn’t know how to fit in.

Memories of Green

Who else do you know who has the green traits?

What do you admire most in them? Often what we see in others is also in us.

Now I can’t say that is always true.  I don’t have the “green thumb” I so appreciated in Mom, but I do have a porch full of plants that I tenderly care for.  I love walking in the woods near my home, appreciating all the shades of green.  Though green is not my most favorite color (that would be blue), I do feel very drawn to it.  Even those colors that are not our most favorite may still have certain strengths that show up in us.

When was the last time you noticed something green? How did you feel?

Were there times when you were growing up that you felt that way?

Often we have been in a relationship with the colors we love from early childhood.

How do you see your green strength showing up in your life now?

Have you chosen to do healing work?  That is one of the attributes of green.  If you have not formally chosen this kind of work, you are likely doing healing on an unconscious level.

Your Attributes in Green

If green is one of your favorite colors:

● You will find that spending time in nature is very healing for you.  The green of the trees, grass, plants, and even the green in aquatic creatures, help you to relax and move into your heart.  It’s important to remind yourself of this when you feel stressed and need a reprieve.
● You will naturally reach out to others that are having a rough time.  They will feel the caring coming from your heart.
● You will use your experiences to grow personally and spiritually.
● You will do what you can to honor the earth and all living creatures.
● You will focus on keeping your body healthy

How Can You Best Use Your Green Traits

When you become conscious of your traits in green, you will find that they grow and become even more important to you. (What we focus on expands.) Knowing that you appreciate all living things on earth will remind you to help take care of the earth. The more you focus on appreciating the beauty found in green around you, the more ‘green’ will expand in your energy field.

As we get to know ourselves better, we can make more conscious choices about where we spend our time, money, and attention.  For example, when I need a break I could walk in the woods instead of playing video games. When I’m feeling down, I could eat something green instead of a lot of starch.

Okay, I know that’s not always easy. We have habits that don’t necessarily bring out our best traits. But, now that you know something about these traits, you know you have a choice. And if green is one of your favorite colors, you will probably choose to do something that will help you grow into your true self.

Call on Green

Green is a conscious energy. It wants to partner with you in your life. Call on it! Ask it for help.  For example, if you feel you have closed your heart to someone, ask green to help you heal so you can feel comfortable opening your heart again.

Other Color Attributes You May Want to Embrace

Now that you have recognized your attributes in green, you may be curious about other colors.

That’s why we are offering you a chance to learn about all 6 colors.  Wouldn’t it be life changing to be consciously aware of the attributes you bring to this life?

Imagine how helpful it would be to learn more about others through the colors they love. You would understand why they avoid some things and are excited to do something else.

The attributes we are calling strengths in each of the colors have been compiled in an e-book for you. Just as you discovered your color attributes in this color, you can now learn about the other colors to see what fits you and what might fit others you know.

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