You have chosen ORANGE as your favorite color at this moment.

There is a strength in this color that you can draw on when difficulties arrive or whenever you need it. You like ORANGE because it resonates (fits you). When you clearly know that ORANGE is one of your strengths, you will feel more comfortable using that strength.

There are probably others in your family or among your coworkers or friends who also like this color. Knowing this about that person can help you understand them better and allows you to know how to draw on that strength, especially if you are doing a project together.

Now let’s find out what aspects of ORANGE stand out for you!

When You Are Attracted to a Color  

If orange is a color you are drawn to, there is an attribute that is part of orange’s vibration that is also part of who you are.  There may still be other attributes in orange that you are developing, but just the fact that you are drawn to it means you already incorporate part of its resonant vibration as a personality strength.  Why is that important?  Human life is all about experiencing, learning, and giving back.  At least that’s my take on it.  When you are attracted to a color, that personality strength becomes part of the “give back.”  In other words, you use that attribute for your purpose in this life.

Put simply, this is a time of awakening to who we really are, not just going along with how things have always been. Within each of us is a desire to make life more satisfying. This innate feeling leads you to your contribution in creating a conscious human experience where you are no longer a victim to what is or what is expected.

It’s like putting together a mosaic or a puzzle.  Each of us has a piece.  The picture is not complete without each contribution, each person’s strengths.  Some people may have similar attributes yet one might use the strength as a teacher; another as a garbage collector; another as a parent.  You see, it doesn’t matter so much what your job is; it’s about using that attribute in just living your life–living the life you are drawn to.

So, your color “likes” indicate what you bring to the experience of life.

Getting to Know the Color Orange

Think of something Orange, like an orange you eat, a harvest sunset, a pumpkin, a scarf, or anything that comes to mind. Focus on what you have chosen. How does orange feel?

Which of these attributes would you select for orange?

● Light
● Happy
● Friendly
● Emotional
● Hopeful
● Creative
● Recognizes beauty
● Artistic
● Fully present
● Not afraid of feelings

All of these can be characteristics of orange, but only certain ones will resonate with you. It’s important to know what these are so you can use them when appropriate.

For example, you are a person who notices beauty all around you, even when you are going through something difficult. Not everyone is able to do that. You are with a friend who is depressed. You compassionately recognize her emotional state. You begin to subtly help your friend to see something positive that can take her attention to a lighter energy. She begins to shift her point of view. Your natural attribute of finding beauty has benefited your friend and you.

Memories of Orange

Often our experiences with a color imprint within us an understanding of that color.  Since you chose orange as a color you like, there might be something in your background that helped you to connect with that color.  The following exercise can help you recognize that imprint.

Can you point to situations in your life where orange left its imprint?

How did that affect how you now feel about orange?

Be grateful for this experience. It helped you to pay attention to your natural orange attribute.

How Can Orange Affect Your life?

Consciously understanding your orange attribute allows you to bring that strength into your life experiences. You also become aware of the color attribute of others. This can be vital to compatible relationships.

A Story about Orange

When Fran and Deidra moved into their apartment during college they didn’t know each other very well. Fran loved soft flowing colors.  Deidra came from Spanish origins.  She loved bright vibrant colors.  Orange was her favorite.  Fran loved Deidra’s happy glowing personality, but there were times when she would retire to her room for some alone time.  When Fran disappeared into her room, Deidra wondered if Fran was angry with her.  Over time Fran and Deidra realized that they were quite different in their energy and their taste in foods, colors, and lifestyle.  Fran liked to eat salads and frothy desserts.  Deidra liked lots of fruits and spicy foods.  Fran appreciated Deidra’s bright oranges, reds and yellows, but often needed quiet spaces with quiet colors.  Deidra was always on the go.  Fran often preferred to curl up with a good book, or walk on the beach.  As Fran and Deidra accepted their differences, they grew closer. They realized that they brought different gifts to life which were part of their character and their contribution. So long as they felt free to express those differences, they could appreciate each other with deep affection.

Your Attributes in Orange

Have you had differences with people who are important in your life? Did you expect them to be just like you?  Do you expect others to love orange as much as you do?

If you love orange’s vibrancy and emotionality, those are important aspects of you. Can you accept how you are while recognizing that others may not feel the same way?

It took a while for Fran and Deidra to appreciate their differences. In order to accept others who are different, it is important to recognize the attributes that are part of their character. You may not want to be like them, but you can enjoy what they bring to life so long as you clearly support your own attributes like Fran did.  She accepted her need to have quiet and alone times.  She didn’t feel guilty for honoring her innate character.

As you become better acquainted with orange, it is bright, happy, expressive, emotional, aware of the body, and usually wakes up with enthusiasm.  Is that you? If so, you likely enjoy the vibrancy of orange.

Knowing Yourself

Owning up to your strengths allows you to use those attributes to their fullest. If Deidra had spent all of her time encouraging Fran to join her instead of recognizing their differences, both of them would have been unhappy. Deidra’s bright personality needed to be free to shine. If she had squelched that, believing she needed to change in order live with Fran, frustration would likely emerge and they might have gone their separate ways.

When you accept your own color attributes, you are likely to find it easier to accept the differences you find in others.

Are you hiding your strengths as a way of fitting in?  Are you expecting others to understand you?  What would your life look like if you fully embraced your unique qualities? Then, you could choose what would most support who you are without expecting others to understand what you need.

Another Way to Appreciate Orange

Try adding orange as an accent color, especially with its complementary color blue. You could use throw pillows or candles in your home with these colors. Add a scarf or tie to your wardrobe with these colors. You can still appreciate the vibrancy of orange, yet also recognize what it feels like when it is balanced by its complement blue. This is important as you accept your color attributes and come into much needed balance in life.

Other Color Attributes You May Want to Embrace

Now that you have recognized your attributes in orange, you may be curious about other colors.

That’s why we are offering you a chance to learn about all 6 colors.  Wouldn’t it be life changing to be consciously aware of the attributes you bring to this life?

Imagine how helpful it would be to learn more about others through the colors they love. You would understand why they avoid some things and are excited to do something else.

The attributes we are calling strengths in each of the colors have been compiled in an e-book for you. Just as you discovered your color attributes in this color, you can now learn about the other colors to see what fits you and what might fit others you know


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