You have chosen PURPLE as your favorite color at this moment.

There is a strength in this color that can allow you to access your intuition and gain understanding from a Higher Source.  You like PURPLE because it resonates (feels right).  When you clearly know that PURPLE is one of your strengths and you know why it is important to you, you will know how it can help you.

There are probably others in your family or among your coworkers or friends who also like this color.  Knowing this about that person can help you understand them in important ways.

Now let’s find out what aspects of PURPLE stand out for you!

When You Are Attracted to Purple

You are a person who has a deep connection with your inner self.  This can show up as hunches, ideas that surface from a place deep within, knowing something without knowing why, and a deep sense of peace even in the midst of chaos.  Often this is called ‘intuition’.  Unfortunately, many have learned to distrust their intuition.  For them, if it isn’t logical; it isn’t true; it isn’t valued.  Everyone is intuitive, but many people don’t acknowledge this trait.  If purple is your strength, it will be very hard for you to ignore it.  You know what you feel is real.

As a person who loves purple, your intuition is probably so much a part of your daily experience that you don’t think of it as something separate from thinking, or just being.  Sometimes this may set you apart.  You may feel like you don’t fit in.  Others may find it hard to relate to you or you may have learned to keep your intuitive notions to yourself.

As you grow older, often you will gravitate toward others who also have a keen intuition.  This allows you to value this strength and use it more consciously.  Opening to your innate ability to know allows this strength to grow and develop.  Often, it is good to have a mentor in this process so you can learn how to use this strength in a way that blesses you and others.

Getting to Know the Color Purple

Imagine you have a purple cape or soft flowing cloth you can wrap yourself in.  Breathe into the purple vibration.  Let it penetrate every cell.  Take another deep breath.  Open to the depth of your knowing.  How does that feel?  Thank purple for filling you with its vibration.  Ask it to guide you into a clear understanding of this purple strength.

Memories of Purple

Who have you known who has the purple traits?  Is there someone in your family or someone you have met along the way who has purple traits?  Were you able to talk with these persons in an open way?  How did that affect your connection with your intuitive abilities?

Stories about Purple

As a small child, Wanda knew things before they happened.  She knew that her aunt was going to die.  She knew when her father was going to come home.  She knew who was on the phone before it even rang.  She recognized playmates that others could not see.  She learned to play with them in her room so that others wouldn’t ask her who she was talking to.  She had a favorite tree she liked to sit in.  She would talk to the tree and it would respond.  This special relationship helped her to stay calm and not worry about how others seemed to be upset with her ability to know things.

When she became a teenager, she stopped most of this knowing.  She didn’t want to be different.  She wanted to fit in.  As an adult, Wanda felt a stirring deep within her.  Bit by bit her knowing surfaced.  She read books about people’s abilities to know things.  She sought out groups that discussed metaphysical (that which is beyond the physical) topics.  Eventually she realized that her intuitive abilities were part of who she was.  She learned to use them in ways that felt good to her.

Your Attributes in Purple

If purple is one of your favorite colors:

  • You may have vivid dreams that are very real.
  • You may pick up on what others are feeling, thinking, desiring.
  • You may know things without understanding how that information came to you.
  • During your life you may have thought that everyone sensed the kinds of things that come to you. At some point, it may have been a surprise to you that others don’t necessarily have the keen intuitive ability that you have.
  • Without thinking about it, you receive information about people that you take into account when interfacing with them.
  • Your world is much bigger than the daily drama.
  • You can sense other energies around you.

Knowing Yourself

When was the last time you noticed something purple?  How did you feel?

Were there times when you were growing up that you felt that way?  (Often we have been in a relationship with the colors we love from early childhood).

How are you using your intuitive abilities in your life?  This can be those inner nudges or something that is so clear you cannot escape it.

Do you trust your intuition?

Did anyone ever question your intuition?  If they did, how has that affected you?

How Can You Best Use Your Purple Traits?

As you accept your intuitive abilities, they can keep you safe by knowing when to avoid certain places or people.  You can feel “right timing” and save yourself unnecessary hard work.  You can tune in and accept help from unseen energies.  You can expand into your inner knowing for answers.

Another Way to Appreciate Purple

Since the color purple is a specific vibration, you can experience it as sound, taste, smell, or touch.

Ask yourself

“If purple were a sound what would I hear?”  Do you have any music that would fit as a purple sound?

Now continue with the other senses:

If purple were a taste . . .

If purple were a smell. . .

If purple were a touch. . .

In each case describe what you would experience. See if you can connect what you experience with something that has actually happened to you. These are all ways to experience purple.

Other Color Attributes You May Want to Embrace

Now that you have recognized your attributes in purple, you may be curious about other colors.

That’s why we are offering you a chance to learn about all 6 colors.  Wouldn’t it be life changing to be consciously aware of the attributes you bring to this life?

Imagine how helpful it would be to learn more about others through the colors they love. You would understand why they avoid some things and are excited to do something else.

The attributes we are calling strengths in each of the colors have been compiled in an e-book for you. Just as you discovered your color attributes in this color, you can now learn about the other colors to see what fits you and what might fit others you know.

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