You have chosen RED as your favorite color at this moment. There is a strength in this color that you can draw on when difficulties arrive or whenever you need it.  You like RED because it resonates (fits you). When you clearly know that RED is one of your strengths, you will feel more comfortable using that strength. There are probably others in your family or among your coworkers or friends who also like this color. Knowing this about that person can help you understand them better and allows you to know how to draw on that strength, especially if you are doing a project together. When You Are Attracted to a Color If red is a color you are drawn to, there is an attribute that is part of red’s vibration that is also part of who you are. There may still be other attributes in red that you are in process with (or that are not important for you to use), but just the fact that you are drawn to it means you already incorporate part of its resonant vibration as a personality strength. Why is that important? Being conscious of your strengths allows you to use them appropriately. You do not need to hide them. They are part of who you are. Getting to Know the Color Red Now let’s find out what aspects of RED stand out to you! Think of something red, like a stop sign, a red pepper, a red scarf, or anything that comes to mind. In your mind’s eye, focus on what you have chosen. How does red feel? Does its vibration seem fast or slow? As you choose the attributes in the next section, notice how the frequency (how fast it vibrates) matches up with its traits.

Which of these attributes do you feel describe you? ● Self-Motivated ● Active ● Bold ● Capable ● Deliberate ● Free ● Full of Life ● Excited ● Bright Energy ● Passionate ● Leader ● Project starter

Did you have some trouble choosing certain ones? You may find that some attributes are clearly you and others not so much. If I were to ask your friends and family about you, they would likely tell me about your red attributes. How do they know that? Sometimes it’s because they have seen you acting in a certain way. But did you know that someone who doesn’t know you could come into the room, feel the energy around you, and then tell you a lot about who you are. Your energy precedes you. Sometimes that energy is made up of your color strengths, but it can also appear as red attributes that are out of balance. Later, you will have an opportunity to learn more about that. Memories of Red Many people find that their experiences growing up affect their feelings about a color.  Or, you may remember an object of that color that meant something to you at a younger age.
  • Can you point to situations in your life where red was important?
  • What did that show you about red?
  • Can you see how your experiences taught you something about yourself? What did you learn?
  • Can you see some of those same attributes of red working your life now?
A story about Red Jeff is a go getter. He can do more in less time than anyone around him. Many people have trouble keeping up with him. Jeff has learned that he works best independently or surrounded by others with a similar pace, but who have complementing attributes. Starting a project ignites Jeff’s passion. However, once it is well underway he’s on to the next project. He knows he needs to work with others who don’t like the responsibility of starting the project, but once they understand how it works, they love to maintain it and even expand it. Jeff knows that without those who carry on his work, it would eventually lose its momentum; so, he appreciates the abilities and attributes of those he works with. He pays attention to their strengths and often lets them know how well they are doing. He continually encourages and rallies together those working on the project even as he moves on. Others are motivated by his passion and love being recognized and appreciated. Your Attributes in Red Do you find yourself in some of Jeff’s story?  If you do, Red may show you a lot of your character or it may somewhat define your character. Using Red’s Attributes Efficiently: In Jeff’s story you see how well he knows himself.  He doesn’t try to push himself to carry on the project.  Instead, he anticipates how he will respond as the project moves forward.  He plans for that by surrounding himself with others of complementary attributes.  He is not a victim to his character traits. Owning up to your strengths allows you to use those attributes to their fullest. Ignoring or pushing away what you know about yourself because you think you should be different can sabotage that strength.  Self-honesty is a must.  Honoring your strengths without measuring them against someone else’s attributes allows you to grow and thrive.  Recognizing and appreciating the strengths in others lets them know you are not standing above them. Rather you are standing with them. For example, Jeff could have held himself back or pushed himself to finish the project even after he was done with it.  That would lead to frustration which can often lead to blaming others because he’s so unhappy with himself. Naming Your Red Attributes Now that you have a feel for the characteristics in red and you recognize which part of that is you, name them. Write out the strengths in red that you see in yourself. And, by the way, what you most admire in someone else is almost always a characteristic in yourself that you have not yet owned up to. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you really accepted your strengths in red? Take a moment to imagine what that would be like. Other Attributes in Red Likely as you feel more and more comfortable with red, you will notice attributes about it that you weren’t aware of before. Name those as well. You will know what they are because intuitively red will reveal itself to you. Just like a good friend you have known for some time, you begin to just know how they would act or what they would like. Colors can become that kind of best friend. Let them reveal themselves to you. There’s a lot more to red than what I have covered here. As you get to know red, more will come to you. Another way to Appreciate Red If you have cold feet, your red is not activated there. Red is in the lower part of the body, including the legs and feet) and connects you to the earth. Draw your feet (stick feet will work). Color them all over with red. Draw a round circle below the feet. Imagine those feet are touching into the inner molten core of the earth (like a volcano). Let the red run into your feet. Know that it does not burn your feet; it just activates the vibration there. Your Color Attributes Vibrate in Your Energy Field Have you ever noticed how you can tell a lot about a person even before you meet them? It may partly come to you based on how they stand, how they project their voice, and other subtle, but obvious, messages they put out. But, did you know that you also pick up information about them from their energy field? You can feel the vibrant energy of a red personality from across the room.

Other Color Attributes You May Want to Embrace

Now that you have recognized your attributes in red, you may be curious about other colors. That’s why we are offering you a chance to learn about all 6 colors.  Wouldn’t it be life changing to be consciously aware of the attributes you bring to this life? Imagine how helpful it would be to learn more about others through the colors they love. You would understand why they avoid some things and are excited to do something else. The attributes we are calling strengths in each of the colors have been compiled in an e-book for you. Just as you discovered your color attributes in this color, you can now learn about the other colors to see what fits you and what might fit others you know.
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