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Turn Life into a Delicious Helping of Opportunity by Dissolving Old Habits



Old habits! What do they look like?

  • Things you say and then think, “Why did I say that?” or “Where did that come from?”
  • Procrastination—Believing that something will be difficult so you put it off.
  • Filling in every moment with activity so you don’t have to feel.
  • Feeling sure that someone is doing it wrong, even if doing it another way wouldn’t matter.
  • Blaming another for making you feel bad.
  • Pushing down your anger because it’s not okay to be angry.

These are only a few ways we act and react from habit.

What happens inside of you when we let habits rule you?

  • Habits drain your energy!
  • They lead to distrust in yourself and others.
  • Depression can set in because you aren’t using your skills and abilities in a meaningful way.
  • Your immune systems can take a hit, making room for disease and pain.

So, how can you peel back the layers of habit?

Here are the steps:

  • Become aware of the habit
  • Use tools to shift the energy that perpetuates the habit
  • Make connections to your authenticity—your true self
  • Catch yourself each time a habit appears that is not value added
  • Congratulate yourself for doing something about your habits

Are you ready to take back all that energy you spend on what never really worked well for you?

What difference will it make?

This can lead to an inner satisfaction that may surprise you. This new way of being can support you through the tough times, the confusing times, the times when you wonder if it’s worth the trouble.

You’ve probably shifted some of our habits along the way during your life.  Other habits may seem too illusive, are so ingrained, or so difficult to change that you just keep moving ahead instead of stopping to do something about them.

That’s why a group course is so helpful.  You find that others struggle with habits just like you do.
You learn tools you can use to shift your habits.
You gain confidence in your ability to change.

And, perhaps most surprising, you gain compassion and patience for yourself and others!

Life seems less like a problem and more like a delicious opportunity to grow and become all that you are.

We all could use more of that!

Are you ready to make some positive changes that will give you more energy, create better relationships, and help you operate in a more authentic way?

If so,  here is information about a course that helps you peel away those habits. It is a home study plus group phone sessions so you can live anywhere and still be part of the course.